Executive committee

Mr. Dinesh Tripathi,
Mr. Tripathi was elected to WVAF Board in 2011 in the position of Vice Chairperson. Mr. Tripathi has more than 20 years of professional experience in thelegal field. He is currently Advocate in Supreme Court (Apex Court), Kathmandu, Nepal. Mr. Tripathi has expertise is Constitution and Human Rights and was a Member to Peace and Conflict Management Committee, constituted by Government of Nepal for the management of peace process. Mr. Tripathi was also Board Member for Lumbini Development Trust, 1997 to 2001, constituted under Culture & Youth Minister. Mr. Tripathi has participated and presentedpapers at International Seminars/Workshops such as Law & Environment, Human Right Violation on Himalayan Region, Development, Human Rights and Environment, Asia-Pacific Conference of Socialist International,Conference of International Voluntary Organization, International Refugee Law & Human Right, Human Rights situation in Nepal, etc. Mr. Tripathi has also delivered talks on various issues in Baltimore, USA.He is also providing consultancy to- UNDP, NDI, OTI, DEMOFINLAND, NRNA, etc. He has also published a number of books and booklets on the Concept of Human Rights, Human Rights in the Context of International Law, Refugee & Human Right, Human Rights in state of Emergency and articles on Human Rights, Rule of Law & Constitution & Democracy, Political & Legal Issues in many Law Journals, Periodicals and Daily Leading National. He has done his L.L.M from University of Baltimore Law School, USA, 2007 and also done L.L.M on Constitutional Law, Central Law Department, from TribhuvanUniversity, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2003.
Ms. Binita Karki,
Executive Board Member
Mr. Riddhibir Singh,
Executive Board Member
Ms. Pratima Gurung,
Ms. Gurung was elected to the WVAF Board in 2007 and currently holds the position of Executive Treasurer. Academically, Ms. Gurung holds her MPhil degree in English and teaches Master's and Bachelor degree courses under the English Subject Committeeat Padma Kanya College. In addition to teaching, she has been working administratively guiding foreign students as a warden of the Hostel, Tribhuvan University since 2002. She is also actively involved in doing academic research and has done research on several issues. Her research interests include gender, ethnic, and disability issues. Currently, she has received SIRF Award and has carried her study on Disabled Women and Discrimination in the context of Nepal.
Mr. Krishna Kandel ,
General Secretary
Mr. Kandel was elected to the WVAF Board in 2010. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the development sector, particularly in the sector of human rights. Mr. Kandel is also a founding member of the Human Rights & Peace Society and has participated in a dozen international and regional meetings/conferences on human rights. Mr. Kandel has been actively involved in democratic and human rights movements of Nepal and has been arrested several times for these actions. Mr. Kandel was appointed as Press Officer of Amnesty International Nepal Office in 1992. Later, he was appointed as Director of AI Nepal Section in 1995 and served in this position until 1996. Krishna Kandel was elected as Chairperson of AI Nepal National Committee and served from 1999 to 2001. He has participated in a dozen international and regional meetings/conferences on human rights. Mr. Kandel has also been involved in Journalism since 1979 and was associated with RastraPukar and Nepal Vani weeklies and headed the current affairs program of Radio Nepal 'Ghatana Ra Bichar. He also worked as Executive Editor of Jana Manch Weekly. He is the author of three books, one poem collection published in 1996, one book on human rights in 1994 and one book on the current human rights political situation in Nepal. Mr. Kandel was appointed as an expert by then Prime Minister S. B. Deuwa in his advisory team (equivalent to first class officer)from January 2002 to May 2002.
Ms. Subarna Newar,
Vice Chairperson
Ms. Newar was elected to the WVAF Board in 2011. She has over 17 years of professional experience in the development sector, particularly in the sector of human rights (women and children's rights), women in development, natural resource management with focus on forestry and renewable energy, governance in the capacity as Project Manager, Advisor, Project Director and has headed an international organization. Ms. Newar has been engaged with bi-lateral and multilateral donors, Government of Nepal, private sector, and non-governmental organizations, including community-based organizations. She also headed the Energy Development Council and the International Relations Division at the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) in the capacity of Executive Manager.
Mr. Mahendra Bikram Shah,
Executive Board Member
Mr. Shah was elected to the WVAF Board in 2011. Mr. Shah is a health and development professional and has more than 10 years of management experience in areas of essential health care management, peace building, and reproductive health service governance. Mr. Shah has proven work experience and familiarity with the government's public health system at micro, meso and macro-level. He has been leading Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT's) four projects. Mr. Shah has attended international courses on child survival, HIV/AIDs and RH Program management and public health management in complex humanitarian emergencies. He received these training from Uppsala University, Sweden, ADPC, Thailand, Bangkok, International Training Center, Government of China, Nanjing, Bangladesh. Mr. Shah has also contributed to various research activities related to public health and social issues of vulnerable people. Mr. Shah can facilitate government authority for Rights Based Programming related to RH and HIV/AIDS. He is the author of a monograph "Essential Newborn Care Practices among Mothers of Nepal" (Published as Monograph from Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany). He has published his article on GBV, Essential Drug supply and local service governance.Academically he has done his Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) from BPKIHS, Dharan.
Ms. Anita Bishankha (Mijar),
Executive Board Member
Ms. Bishankha was elected to the WVAF Board in 2007 and she is also closely associated with Dalit Volunteer Organisation (DVO) Nepal and served as its chairperson. She has over seven years of professional experience in project planning, project management, implementation and programming, including capacity building, advocacy, communication/liaison, livelihood, institutional development, social inclusion and participation of the Dalit/ marginalized civil society organizations.She also has expertise in translating the reports, documents, e-bulletin and computer application, etc. She has also done research work in Violence against Dalit Women: A case study of Lalitpur district, 2007 and also worked as Research Assistant atJanauthanPratisthan (JUP-Nepal) and as Apprenticeship Grantee 2007 at SNV Nepal. Currently, she is working as Theme/Project Coordinator (January 2008 to present) of the project entitled Promoting Dalit Rights and Political Participation Project (PDRPP), implemented by the Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO). Academically, she has done her Master's in Rural Development and Sociology with Gender Studies and Project Analysis and Management as the main subjects. She also completed her B.Sc. with Microbiology and Research Methodology as the main subjects.
Mrs. Pramila Rajbhandari ,
Executive Board Member
Mrs. Rajbhandari was elected to WVAF Board in2013. She holds Master Degree in Education and has been involved in teaching profession for the last 30 years as Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Reader and Professor in Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University. Mrs. Rajbhandari also served as Head of Education Instruction Committee, Mahendra Ratna Campus, TU, from 1993 to 1996 and is currently working as Member, Technical Committee in Education Review Office (ERO), Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. Mrs. Rajbhandari also has the experience of working as researcher, evaluator and being consultant in designing and preparing educational programmes for various levels. She has the experience of working in National Assessment Studies, being Resource Person/ Coordinator for EFA formative research, National evaluator in assessing gender equality in education, Consultant for Mid-term review, Evaluator EFA, Nepal (2004-2009) and researcher and coordinator in a number of projects. She has also worked as National Programme Manager (from April 2000 to December 2004) of Community Owned Primary Education Project executed by Ministry of Local Development, Government of Nepal with the financial assistance of UNDP in piloting decentralization of primary education at the community level in six backward districts (Achham, Bajhang, Baitadi, Rauthat, Kapilbastu) of the country and initiating innovation in primary education reforms, project management and administration.